Your Transformation Journey

You got to this point because YOU are an Expert! Your technical skills, intellect and ambition have gotten you to the point where you're no longer the doer — you're the decision maker. That transition can feel really hard but it doesn't have to.

You know you can't manifest your way to success. You need to master new leadership skills that are proven to work. You need to get there fast and you want to do it right. 

We've got you covered.

My Story

Want to know a secret? My career should never have happened the way it did. I am the underdog, the long shot; the exception to the rule. And that's exactly why I want to share my story with you. 

I spent my corporate career as a Wall Street executive and made a name for myself turning around failing teams. Like you, I was very aggressive with my career and had big aspirations. My courage, street-smarts and chutzpah kept me on the fast track. What people couldn't see was that my confidence level was an absolute disaster for much of my career.

I always felt really uncomfortable when I didn't understand how the business operated. I also had a big secret: I didn't have a college degree! Despite the odds, this small town country girl had transformed into a New York City banking executive. I found ways to be successful even though I was usually in way over my head.

Everything fell apart when I was promoted to Vice President. My peers were all men who were older, more experienced and better educated than I was. I struggled with moving the business forward with the same ease that I had before. Everything felt so much harder. People weren't taking me seriously and my rock star status and reputation was falling fast.

My 'fake-it-till-you-make-it' approach wasn't working anymore. I needed to find a way to be successful at this level or I knew they would find someone else who could.

I had two big projects fail back to back and I had a feeling third strike and I was out. I threw more hours at it... I worked harder... I pushed my teams harder. None of it was working. Then, one day everything changed for me when my boss took me aside and gave me one piece of advice. He told me I was in a different league now and it was time to 'stop doing and start learning'. I had a choice. I could keep 'doing' harder or I had to shift. I chose to shift and that changed everything. I had to learn how to stop overcompensating—trying to prove I belonged—and start watching how my peers operated. What I learned  was fascinating.

I discovered how making three simple mindset shifts completely transformed my leadership skills.

Within 2 months, I was back to leading with confidence and delivering the business results I was known and respected for. One year later, I became the youngest female executive in the company's history.

I can't wait to show you how I did it and to show you have you can do it too.

It’s Time for You to Own Your Power!

All highly successful business women have something in common. They realize what got them to where they are today won’t be enough to take them to where they want to be tomorrow.

And they do something about it.

This is for every ambitious business woman who feels compelled to become unstoppable.

Our Promise

Our promise is to strengthen and support all women business leaders. Join in on the conversation by attending our next FREE training session and discover

3 Secrets to Becoming an Extraordinary Leader — Especially When You're Managing Teams Whose Expertise Differs From Your Own

Warning! These sessions ARE live and they ARE hosted by Tammy (so get all your questions ready — she promises to answer all of them)

It's Your Moment

Have you landed the job of your dreams, only to discover you now feel like you’re in way over your head?

(This is actually a good thing)

Take our Power Score Quiz and discover the Power Moves that have been fueling your success and get clear on what’s going to start holding you back! 

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    In-depth customized coaching and skill building you need to accelerate and Own Your Power!
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    Take the journey to Own Your Power! with a small team of awesome like-minded women
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    A crash course for those who are short on time and high on focus
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Our Core Values and
Our Promise to You:

Perseverance helping you push through to the 'aha' moment
Keeping it real giving you actionable advice for real results
Integrity so you can hold your head high while still kicking ass!

Let's Talk

The Own Your Power! Programs go way beyond just coaching. They’re directive; supportive; tactical and most importantly PROVEN.

When you work with us you won’t just FEEL better, you’ll BE better. We guarantee it.  

With the right focus, training, tools, coaching and advice; you can master the critical business skills most of the boys have and excel as far as your drive and ambition will take you.

This journey is so personal, and we are with you the entire way. Schedule a FREE consultation call with Tammy to see if one of our programs is right for you.

All the Love

“I seldom am compelled to write a testimonial, but after participating in The Own Your Power! Program, I wanted to share so others invest in the time to take this series. Tammy’s high energy, pragmatic approach and depth of experience helped shorten and simplify the entire learning process! I will definitely draw on her knowledge and expertise for me and my team again. If you want to accelerate your professional development and business growth this is the place to be.”

Sandy Lohr, CEO MatchcraftSandy Lohr, CEO Matchcraft

“Until I took the Own Your Power! Program I was convinced my team was my biggest business challenge. Tammy helped me see the impact my leadership style was having on the team and taught me how to 'Level-Up' so everyone could improve. Her methods were easy and the tools helped me move faster to grow my business. Her approach is fresh and engaging. Tammy's positive energy is inviting and her experience is priceless. She has built an amazing community of women who support each other.”

Beth Biersdorf, CEO Belize Happy AdventuresBeth Biersdorf, CEO Belize Happy Adventures

“The Own Your Power! Program is an incredible resource. Tammy is uniquely capable of helping you survey a difficult situation and create a plan of action for success. She helped me to use the toolkits I had at my disposal and also clarified my leadership gaps so I could be best prepared to take on new challenges. Tammy has a clear head, amazing intuition and solid vision. She is incredible and is a game changer for anyone leading outside their area of expertise.”

Elka Oliver, Chief Operating Officer, NOTSElka Oliver, Chief Operating Officer, NOTS

“As a young woman in corporate America I constantly found myself feeling as though I didn’t actually deserve a seat at the table. When I joined the Program, I had recently been promoted. I was stressed out and working crazy hours trying to learn my new function and still be a good mom to a growing family. Tammy helped me figure things out quickly and easily so I could re-frame my thinking and become a better leader. She gave me the tools so no matter what obstacles I face, I am the solution. ”

Marlo Poole, Senior Vice President, Wells FargoMarlo Poole, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

“Tammy has the experience, the knowledge and the communication skills necessary to give great advice that is easy to follow and implement. I learned so much from the 1:1 sessions with her. She answered my questions in a way that gave me room to think about my options and make my own decisions quickly while being specific and genuine. We talked candidly about leadership, mentoring and career development without the all the nonsense the business world is filled with.”

Paola Barrios, HR Manager MatchcraftPaola Barrios, HR Manager Matchcraft

“Tammy is an invaluable resource who empowers women and builds strong leaders. She has this unique ability to take complex ideas and translate them into easy steps anyone can use right away. She helped me build meaningful skills that strengthened my courage and my authentic voice. I have been promoted due to my stronger leadership skills and ability to lead high performing teams. Tammy’s energy is contagious and will fuel you with the desire to succeed! I’m happy to have her in my corner.”

Berlinda Monestime, Wealth Management Digital Platforms, Morgan StanleyBerlinda Monestime, Wealth Management Digital Platforms, Morgan Stanley

“Tammy has a flair for being one step ahead of everyone else in the room and helping you get there too. She taught me how to be a stronger leader using proven methodologies and tools that made leading senior level teams so much faster and easier. It is so encouraging to see a woman succeed in a male dominated ‘C Suite’ environment AND be so passionate about helping other women do it too. She creates an impact with everyone she works with and makes everyone feel valued and important. ”

Ellen Stieve, Business Development, Mitchell MartinEllen Stieve, Business Development, Mitchell Martin

“Tammy is AMAZING! Her intuition, insight and experience were invaluable to me and really helped me quickly lead through uncertainty and grow professionally. She was an excellent coach from our very first conversation. She sensed right away when something was wrong and helped me come to terms with the impact my leadership style was having on my teams. She gave me practical advice on how to proceed and structured tools that I still use every day. I am truly blessed to have received her guidance.”

Angela Tran Data Analytics, Senior Manager BNY MellonAngela Tran Data Analytics, Senior Manager BNY Mellon