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Have you landed the job of
your dreams, only to discover
you now feel like you’re in
way over your head?

Congratulations! You’ve joined an elite group of women leaders whose ambition and success have taken them to a point where they are leading business functions whose operations go beyond their area of expertise.

This achievement brings new challenges every leader must face:

  • Your success is increasingly dependent on others
  • Your span of control and scope has expanded 
  • The stakes are much higher and people are counting on you for big results

You know you’re good at what you do and you’re starting to realize your leadership skills aren’t working the way they used to.  If your Inner Critic has sparked a lot of uncertainty and second-guessing, you are not alone.

This is called Situational Low Self-Confidence and it is very common for women to struggle with this during times of growth in her career.

You are at a tipping point. To make the shift you need to: 

  • Effectively manage situations where you don't have first-hand knowledge
  • Use your lack of technical knowledge to your advantage
  • Realize this isn’t just a phase and take action quickly

All highly successful business women have something in common. They realize that what got them to where they are, won’t be enough to take them where they want to be.

They make the shift from

THINKING 'I need to have all the right answers before I can take action'
BELIEVING 'I need to ask all the right questions to take quick action'

"If you've really done all your homework and can lay out clear thinking every time, you'll build trust with your team. As they say... game recognizes game", Sept 16 How to Manage Technical Teams When You Don't Share Their Credentials

Hi! I’m Tammy Alvarez

I spent my corporate career as a Wall Street executive and made a name for myself turning around failing teams.  Like you, I was very aggressive with my career and had big aspirations. My courage, street-smarts and chutzpah kept me on the fast track. What people couldn’t see was that my confidence level was an absolute disaster for much of my career. 

I always felt really uncomfortable when I didn’t understand how the business operated. I also had a big secret: I didn’t have a college degree! Despite the odds, this small town country girl had transformed into a New York City banking executive. I found ways to be successful even though I was usually in way over my head. 

Everything fell apart when I was promoted to Vice President. My peers were all men who were older, more experienced and better educated than I was. I struggled with moving the business forward with the same ease that I had before.  Everything felt so much harder. People weren’t taking me seriously and my rock star status and reputation was falling fast. 

My ‘fake-it-till-you-make-it’ approach wasn’t working anymore. I needed to find a way to be successful at this level or I knew they would find someone else who could. 

I had two big projects fail back to back and I had a feeling third strike and I was out. I threw more hours at it… I worked harder… I pushed my teams harder. None of it was working. Then, one day everything changed for me when my boss took me aside and gave me one piece of advice.  He told me I was in a different league now and it was time to ‘stop doing and start learning’.  I had a choice. I could keep 'doing' harder or I had to shift. I chose to shift and that changed everything. I had to learn how to stop overcompensating—trying to prove I belonged—and start watching how my peers operated. What I learned was fascinating.

I discovered how making three simple mindset shifts completely transformed my leadership skills. 

Within 2 months, I was back to leading with confidence and delivering the business results I was known and respected for. One year later, I became the youngest female executive in the company’s history. 

I can’t wait to tell you how I did it and to show you how you can do it too. 

Make the Leap From
Managing What you Know to
Leading Beyond Your Expertise

Why would you risk everything you’ve worked so hard for when eliminating your Situational Low Self-Confidence is fast and easy? 

  • You’ve been fighting to get back to your old self and know she’s in there somewhere! 
  • You’ve tried to wait it out in the hopes that these feelings will eventually pass
  • Deep down you know that you can’t manifest yourself into being a stronger leader
  • You aren’t going to wait around hoping HR will create a development program just for you 

Doing what you’ve always done isn’t working and you know something has to change.

Unfortunately too many women don’t take the actions they need to and they end up getting stuck in these situational Low Self-Confidence cycles. This can wreak havoc on your business and your career if left unchecked. 

There are three traps I see so many women fall into:

  • They wait until they get comfortable before taking action
  • They don't realize that working twice as hard as everyone else is actually damaging their career
  • They let perfection get in the way of progress

Here are signs that you may already in trouble

  • Your team isn’t the top performing group in the department / division
  • The group is frustrated and doesn’t openly share information
  • You are struggling to come up with fresh ideas and getting people to take action

Here’s what happens when you don’t make the shift:

  • You lose credibility and strong leaders distance themselves from you and your ideas
  • Your business results suffer and your reputation is damaged
  • You end up getting layered, assigned to ‘special projects’ or even fired

There is a path forward that everyone can learn. 

Successful business women are no different than you. They’ve all had to change how they think about things in order to adapt and stay on the fast track.

They know: 

  • Second-guessing is your biggest asset, use it to your advantage
  • You don't need to have deep knowledge to ask compelling questions
  • Playing it safe is the riskiest thing you can do with your career
  • Make a decision — even if you don't know for sure that it's right
  • Surround yourself with trustworthy people that are smarter than you are

Knowing WHAT you should do is only half the solution. You need to learn HOW to do it, and you need to do it FAST. 

You can easily learn the 5 skills every successful business woman has mastered. The only reason you don’t have these hard core business skills under your belt is because you haven’t had to learn them yet. 

Mastering these essential skills will have a direct and immediate impact on your leadership success. 

  • Overcome fear and uncertainty so you silence your Inner Critic and get back to producing big results
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable so you can effectively interrogate without sounding uninformed, even when you’re no longer the smartest person in the room
  • Take the right risks at the right time so you can take action without having to worry about damage control if things go terribly wrong
  • Make effective decisions quickly so you can sort through bad data, biased advice and office politics to securely drive your big ideas forward
  • Build a network you can trust because it’s no longer about what you know, it’s about who you know and you need a strong support network who will help you succeed

You’ve already paid your dues.  Once you Level-Up and master these five skills your job will actually be significantly easier and the struggles you are having now will be a distant memory.

Want to know a secret? 

Sometimes successful business women tell me they feel guilty because it doesn’t feel like they’re actually ‘doing’ anything.  

That’s when you know you’re doing everything right. Sounds weird – right? 

How awesome would you feel if you could effortlessly

  • Start driving your ideas in the conference room instead of acting on someone else’s
  • Confidently build high performing teams that uses their collective expertise to take action on your big ideas 
  • Stop being the first one in and the last out
  • No longer stress over every detail

Transforming from managing what you know to leading confidently in any situation is easier than you may think.  With the right focus, training, tools and coaching you can master these five critical business skills that will carry you as far as your drive and ambition will take you.

Are you ready? 

Introducing: Own Your Power! Virtual Masterclass

Recapture your extraordinary leadership presence by mastering 5 Power Moves that are essential when you don't have expertise in the work you’re overseeing.

The Masterclass is offered in 5 learning modules. Each module is focused on helping you master crucial skills most of the boys already have. 

The Virtual Masterclass experience includes: 

Welcome and Orientation Module

Five Modules that cover one Power Move each, including:

  • Power Score Quiz® - Self-assessment
  • Power Up!® - Introduction video and one-hour training webinar
  • Downloadable worksheets and tools
  • The Leaders Guide® - Skill building tools and exercises

6 Month 'All Access Pass' to live twice-monthly group coaching calls

5 live "Power Move!" calls - dive even deeper into one Power Move on each call

Unlimited collaboration with a community of amazing business women

Accountability Partners to help you stay on track

With spare time at a premium, you set the pace as you immerse yourself in a comprehensive leadership transformation experience. Our program team will be there to support you and serve as your accountability partner every step of the way. 

Master each Power Move by participating in individualized assessments, on-line learning, 22 hours of live group coaching, proven skill building activities and tools you can start using at the office right away.

Overcome Fear and Uncertainty

Changing the dialogue for you and those around you so you can eliminate the disruption your Inner Critic is causing to you and your team

You will discover: 

  • The difference between low self-confidence and second-guessing so you can learn what to leverage and become an even stronger leader
  • The true cost of your Inner Critic so you can evaluate how it’s impacting everyone around you, and what to do about it
  • How to silence your Inner Critic and start trusting your instincts again so you get back to leading with the assertiveness and confidence you’ve always had

You will receive: 

  • Power Score Quiz®: Understand the current state of your Inner Critic and confidence levels
  • Power Up!®: Step-by-step process to leverage your second-guessing as a leadership asset
  • The Leaders Guide®: Skill building to overcoming fear and uncertainty
  • Live Power Move® call: One-hour deep dive to learn the advanced moves

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Finding your voice so you can confidently challenge, negotiate and address uncomfortable situations – even when you're not the smartest person in the room.

You will discover: 

  • How to ask questions and evaluate situations without coming across as critical or uninformed so you can quickly move forward with confidence every day 
  • Specific steps you should take to deal with uncomfortable situations so everyone can get back to being productive 
  • What you need to do before and at the negotiation table so you can ask for and get what you want 

You will receive: 

  • Power Score Quiz®: Uncover your biases when dealing with conflict and negotiation
  • Power Up!®: Step-by-step process to inquire, negotiate and deal with conflict  
  • The Leaders Guide®: Skill building to practice these new skills and negotiation strategies to get what you really want 
  • Live Power Move® call: One-hour deep dive to learn the advanced moves

Take the Right Risks at the Right Time  

Leveraging your natural risk tolerance and learning a proven process so you can safely move your business and career forward

You will discover: 

  • Four skills you need to master so you can size up an opportunity the right way
  • A systematic process that will guide you in taking intelligent risks every time so you can move your business forward quickly and securely 
  • How to quantify the risk / reward balance so you can take risks in a way that feels authentic to you 

You will receive: 

  • Power Score Quiz®: Learn your natural risk tolerance levels and the beliefs that may be holding you back
  • Power Up!®: Risk Assessment Calculator: Learn how to use this proprietary tool so you can move your business forward quickly
  • The Leaders Guide®: Skill building to practice using the Risk Assessment Calculator so you can make your next go / no-go decision with ease 
  • Live Power Move® call: One-hour deep dive to learn the advanced moves

Make Effective Decisions Quickly

Replacing hesitancy and fear with a repeatable process so you consistently deliver high value business results – even when you don't have all the data

You will discover: 

  • How to make complex decisions quickly so you can differentiate yourself as a leader, accelerate the business and your career 
  • A repeatable decision making process and companion tool so you make the right call regardless of how complex the situation may be 
  • A foolproof way to de-risk your decisions and allow for mistakes, so that instead of being defined by these mistakes, you are respected for your foresight 

You will receive: 

  • Power Score Quiz®: Understand your decision making profile so you can leverage your strengths and close your skill gaps
  • Power Up!®: Decision Navigator Tool: Learn how to use this tool so you can effortlessly make even the most complicated decisions  
  • The Leaders Guide®: Skill building to practice using the Decision Navigator to make the next call with confidence and de-risking checklist so you are no longer defined by your mistakes
  • Live Power Move® call: One-hour deep dive to learn the advanced moves

Build a Network You Can Trust 

Surrounding yourself with people who want you to win so you have the right people in your corner whenever you need them

You will discover: 

  • Why having a strong network may be the most influential factor for your career and how to get your network back on track quickly 
  • How to diversify your network so an informed opinion is only a phone call or email away
  • When to distance yourself from toxic and draining relationships so you have time to focus on the people who really matter 

You will receive: 

  • Power Score Quiz®: How ready are you to build the dream team?
  • Power Up!®: Network Readiness Assessment: Find and close your relationship gaps so you can accelerate your career momentum 
  • The Leaders Guide®: Skill building to create your network building strategy so you can improve your powerbase 
  • Live Power Move® call: One-hour deep dive to learn the advanced moves

The First 10 to Register: Private Power Score! Review and Goal Setting Session

Create a tailored and streamlined Masterclass just for you

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tailor this program specifically for to your own needs. During your private 60 minute call with Tammy you’ll take an assessment to understand your Power Score and learn how to quickly and easily apply each Power Move so you can get the most out of the program.

During your private 60 minute call with Tammy you’ll review your Power Score! assessment and learn how to quickly… 

  • Take the Power Score! Assessment
  • Complete a goal setting guide in preparation for your private session
  • Get expert advice on how to fast track your goal achievement 
  • Clearly define your leadership development goals so you can focus on what matters most
  • Build a plan on how to apply your new skills to a measurable business goal 
  • Learn which parts of each Power Move are going to help you reach your goals faster

What you’ll receive: 

  • Power Score Assessment results and review
  • Downloadable goal setting tool
  • One hour private coaching session

The First 20 to register: Power Move Companion

Incorporate the 5 Power Moves into your daily leadership style with ease

Simplify mastering these Power Moves like a pro with this 5 part Companion Guide that will show you exactly how to start using each skill at the office. Amplify your Masterclass results by putting your learning into practice as you develop these career changing business skills.

This 5 part Companion Guide will teach you how to:

  • Incorporate the Action Planner Tool showing you how to put each Power Move into practice
  • Identify and crush your limiting beliefs so you can make sustainable changes
  • See what impact your new skills are having so you can keep doing what's working and continue to refine what's not

What you’ll receive: 

  • Action Planner Tool
  • Belief Buster Guide
  • Behavior Checklist

The First 30 to Register: Career Assessment Guide

Lead in an environment that capitalizes on your authentic leadership style

Are you the right leader in the wrong role? There’s an easy way to find out. As one of the first 30 women who enroll for the Masterclass you’ll receive our 5 Step Career Assessment Guide.

Your Career Assessment Guide will help you get clear on: 

  • Your core values and what environments energize you
  • Identifying your 'IT Factor' so you understand what sets you apart from the rest
  • The 3 'must have' elements as you build your brand and create a unique value proposition
  • Building a winning marketing strategy so you can consistently and subtly self-promote
  • How to refresh your network. It's not about who you know, it's about who knows you

Your Career Assessment Guide Includes: 

  • Introduction video on how to get the most out of your Career Assessment experience
  • 5 Assessment Guides to help you understand what you really want
  • Downloadable Action Planner so you can turn all your great ideas into results

Purchase price for 3 Bonuses when purchased separately: $2,500

Combined with the Own Your Power Masterclass: FREE

Are You Ready to Ditch Your Situational Low Self-Confidence Moments and Get Back to Doing What You Do Best?

Do you feel energized and excited to get unstuck and launch past your tipping point?

Are you ready to transform and become an expert leader in every situation? 

Is it time to get your ‘Mo-Jo’ back so you can deliver the results everyone is counting on from you? 

Take action TODAY and get back to being the rock star leader you’ve always been. 

Join us in the Own Your Power! Virtual Masterclass

6 Month Masterclass Experience

  • Welcome and Orientation Module
  • 5 Introduction videos
  • 5 Self-assessments
  • 5 One-hour training webinars
  • 6 Downloadable worksheets and tools
  • 5 Skill building exercises 
  • 6 Month All Access Pass to live Group Coaching Calls
  • 5 live Power Move calls (1 for each Power Move)
  • Unlimited collaboration with strong business women
  • Accountability Partners to help you stay on track

Upgrade to the Own Your Power! Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM

The Virtual Masterclass Premium is for the leader who wants to go deeper with a tailored program. The in-depth leadership assessment and personalized one-on-one coaching provide the roadmap for you to accelerate attaining your most ambitious goals.

Everything in the Virtual Masterclass


  • 1 Profile XT® scientifically based leadership assessment
  • 1 Profile XT® Executive Session (90 minute result review)
  • 3 Private coaching sessions (60 minutes / session)

Become an Own Your Power! VIP

Sometimes it just needs to be all about you, and that’s what the VIP program is all about. As a VIP you will participate in a private 2 day workshop. We will work together and get clear on your strategy, obstacles, opportunities, leadership style, team and stakeholder dynamics, powerbase, executive presence, career path and much more. You’ll leave with a focused career strategy, blueprint for accelerating your business and a step by step guide on improving your executive presence.

Everything in the Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM


  • Kickoff, goal setting, workshop preparation and a walk-through of the Career roadmap
  • Private customized 2 day workshop (2 full-day or 4 half-day sessions)

Interested in attending one of our Virtual Masterclass Programs and need to go to your company for funding?

We’re happy to help you get the support you need!


“I seldom am compelled to write a testimonial, but after participating in The Own Your Power! Masterclass, I wanted to share so others invest in the time to take this series. Tammy’s high energy, pragmatic approach and depth of experience helped shorten and simplify the entire learning process! I will definitely draw on her knowledge and expertise for me and my team again. If you want to accelerate your professional development and business growth this is the place to be.”

Sandy Lohr, CEO MatchcraftSandy Lohr, CEO Matchcraft

“Until I took the Own Your Power! Masterclass I was convinced my team was my biggest business challenge. Tammy helped me see the impact my leadership style was having on the team and taught me how to 'Level-Up' so everyone could improve. Her methods were easy and the tools helped me move faster to grow my business. Her approach is fresh and engaging. Tammy's positive energy is inviting and her experience is priceless. She has built an amazing community of women who support each other.”

Beth Biersdorf, CEO Belize Happy AdventuresBeth Biersdorf, CEO Belize Happy Adventures

“The Own Your Power! Masterclass is an incredible resource. Tammy is uniquely capable of helping you survey a difficult situation and create a plan of action for success. She helped me to use the toolkits I had at my disposal and also clarified my leadership gaps so I could be best prepared to take on new challenges. Tammy has a clear head, amazing intuition and solid vision. She is incredible and is a game changer for anyone leading outside their area of expertise.”

Elka Oliver, Chief Operating Officer, NOTSElka Oliver, Chief Operating Officer, NOTS

“As a young woman in corporate America I constantly found myself feeling as though I didn’t actually deserve a seat at the table. When I joined the Masterclass, I had recently been promoted. I was stressed out and working crazy hours trying to learn my new function and still be a good mom to a growing family. Tammy helped me figure things out quickly and easily so I could re-frame my thinking and become a better leader. She gave me the tools so no matter what obstacles I face, I am the solution. ”

Marlo Poole, Senior Vice President, Wells FargoMarlo Poole, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

“Tammy has the experience, the knowledge and the communication skills necessary to give great advice that is easy to follow and implement. I learned so much from the 1:1 sessions with her. She answered my questions in a way that gave me room to think about my options and make my own decisions quickly while being specific and genuine. We talked candidly about leadership, mentoring and career development without the all the nonsense the business world is filled with.”

Paola Barrios, HR Manager MatchcraftPaola Barrios, HR Manager Matchcraft

“Tammy is an invaluable resource who empowers women and builds strong leaders. She has this unique ability to take complex ideas and translate them into easy steps anyone can use right away. She helped me build meaningful skills that strengthened my courage and my authentic voice. I have been promoted due to my stronger leadership skills and ability to lead high performing teams. Tammy’s energy is contagious and will fuel you with the desire to succeed! I’m happy to have her in my corner.”

Berlinda Monestime, Wealth Management Digital Platforms, Morgan StanleyBerlinda Monestime, Wealth Management Digital Platforms, Morgan Stanley

“Tammy has a flair for being one step ahead of everyone else in the room and helping you get there too. She taught me how to be a stronger leader using proven methodologies and tools that made leading senior level teams so much faster and easier. It is so encouraging to see a woman succeed in a male dominated ‘C Suite’ environment AND be so passionate about helping other women do it too. She creates an impact with everyone she works with and makes everyone feel valued and important. ”

Ellen Stieve, Business Development, Mitchell MartinEllen Stieve, Business Development, Mitchell Martin

“Tammy is AMAZING! Her intuition, insight and experience were invaluable to me and really helped me quickly lead through uncertainty and grow professionally. She was an excellent coach from our very first conversation. She sensed right away when something was wrong and helped me come to terms with the impact my leadership style was having on my teams. She gave me practical advice on how to proceed and structured tools that I still use every day. I am truly blessed to have received her guidance.”

Angela Tran Data Analytics, Senior Manager BNY MellonAngela Tran Data Analytics, Senior Manager BNY Mellon

We are in the business of strengthening women business leaders for the future.

This Virtual Masterclass won’t just make you FEEL better.
You’ll BE better.

Our programs create results that last. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of the program, we offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. Just send us an email to within 30 days of registering for the program and we'll refund your payment. It's really that easy. No muss, no fuss and no hoops to jump through.

If not now... then when?

There’s never enough time, and everyone else always comes first. I get it. I’ve been there too. You’ve worked too hard to get here and putting yourself first isn’t selfish – its smart. Getting past this tipping point is faster and easier than you may think.

What sets the best leaders apart from the rest is their ability to expertly navigate through internal conflict, difficult conversations, taking risks, making decisions and building strong networks to grow their businesses and their careers.  

If your success is making you feel overwhelmed right now, don’t worry about it. It’s completely normal.  Never forget the hundreds of successful moments it took for you to get here and realize there are hundreds more in store for you. 

You know there isn’t a lot of time for you to get through this tipping point.People are counting on you. Your business is moving forward with our without you and I’d hate to see you get left behind. 

You are here because you’ve outgrown your leadership skills and people see your true potential. You know you have a gap and you’re not going to risk damaging your career by ignoring it. You want a path forward and I have that path for you. Let’s do this work together so you can be living proof of the potential everyone around you already sees. 

With our 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee - what do you have to lose? 

Let's do this!

P.S. When we start this work together here’s what’s going to happen:

  • Once you click the “Get Started Now” button you’ll be taken to the registration section
  • You’ll complete your registration then move to our secure checkout
  • Once we've processed your payment you'll receive an email receipt for your purchase
  • You'll also receive an email with your login credentials to the training portal
  • You can get started right away with the Welcome & Quick Start Modules
  • You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access your bonuses the next day
  • Keep an eye out for calendar invites for the live Q&A sessions 48 hours after registering 
  • Questions? Email me at I’m here for you - let’s talk!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question below please email us at and we’ll be happy to make sure all your questions are answered!

Before the Program

  • How do I enroll?

    Enrollment is automatically done through the process of purchasing the Virtual Masterclass, Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM or VIP programs. Once your payment is processed through our secure checkout, you will be directed immediately to the training portal where you can access the Welcome Series right away. You will also receive an email with your log in credentials and receipt of purchase.

  • What technology do I need?

    All programs can be accessed with your browser on your PC, tablet or phone on both Microsoft and Apple platforms. Adobe PDF is required to download your free Bonuses and tools.

  • What’s the difference between the Virtual Masterclass, the Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM and VIP Programs?

    All programs offer a 6 month self-paced leadership development experience that is delivered to you in 5 modules: (1) Overcome Fear and Uncertainty, (2) Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, (3) Take the Right Risks at the Right Time, (4) Make Effective Decisions Quickly, (5) Build a Network You Can Trust. Each module offers: Introduction Video, Self-Assessment, One Hour Training Webinar, Downloadable Worksheets and Tools and a Skill Building Exercise. You are also invited to join our live events: Live Group Coaching calls twice a month (6 Month All Access Pass), Quarterly Power Move! Calls (5 sessions each quarter –1 covering each Power Move in more depth) and unlimited real time collaboration with the Own Your Power! Community. You’ll also get an accountability partner from the Own Your Power! team to help you stay on track.

    In addition to this program, the Virtual Masterclass PLUS offers an on-line scientifically based leadership assessment called Profile XT® which assesses your adaptive learning style and 8 essential leadership behavioral traits, a private 90-minute executive session with Tammy to review your results and 3 one-hour private coaching sessions with Tammy.

    In addition to both of these programs, the VIP program is all about you. As a VIP you will participate in a private 2 day workshop (either 2 full day or 4 half day sessions). We will work together and get clear on your strategy, obstacles, opportunities, leadership style, team and stakeholder dynamics, powerbase, executive presence, career path and much more. You’ll leave with a clear roadmap of your career strategy, goals and a blueprint to get there. You’ll leave with a focused career strategy, blueprint for accelerating your business and a step by step guide on improving your executive presence. All sessions are conducted virtually with Zoom web conference. In person workshops are available for an additional fee to cover travel expenses.

  • How do I know which program is right for me?

    The Own Your Power! Virtual Masterclass series is a transformational leadership development experience for ambitious business women. If you are feeling like you’re out of your depth in a new or expanded role and aren’t able to lead with the same level of confidence you used to – the Virtual Masterclass is the perfect program for you. If you want even more personalized support, deeper insights into your leadership style and want to accelerate your skills so you can thrive, then you should choose the Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM. If you need a full immersion to accelerate your career and produce significant results to grow your company the VIP program is for you. Still not sure? Schedule a 30 minute conversation with Tammy to figure out which program is right for you

  • When do I get my free Bonus materials?

    If you qualified for any of the ‘First 10, 20 and 30’ Masterclass bonuses you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your bonuses the day after you registered. The email will come from If you don’t receive your materials, please check your SPAM filter. If it’s not there just send us an email and we will work with you and make sure you receive the Bonus materials.

  • What is an All Access Pass?

    The Virtual Masterclass series offers live group coaching sessions. They are facilitated by Tammy every other week. While the program is a self-paced learning experience we know it takes time to practice and reinforce these new skills. As an Own Your Power! member you will have access to every live Group Coaching session for 6 months beginning on your date of registration. We are focused on your long term success and want to make sure you have the ongoing support you need.

  • How does the collaboration work?

    There are two ways to collaborate with the Own Your Power! community. The first is through the training portal and the second is through our private Facebook Group. We recommend using the training portal to collaborate as you are moving through the Virtual Masterclass and the Facebook community for post-training support and to raise questions that aren’t directly related to the training material. Both platforms are facilitated by the Own Your Power! team so support is only a click away.

  • When does the session start?

    The Virtual Masterclass is entirely self-paced so you can begin at any time. As soon as you register you will have access to the entire program and can begin right away.

  • How long do I have access to the training portal?

    You will have access to your training portal for 12 months from your date of registration. This will allow you to refer back to the training materials and interact with the community as you apply your new skills at work.

During the Virtual Masterclass Program

  • How does the Virtual Masterclass work?

    As soon as you register you will have access to the entire program which will give you an in-depth review of everything you need to know to have a successful learning experience. The day after you register you’ll receive an email from us explaining how to access any bonus materials you’ve qualified for. You’ll also receive meeting invitations to put on your calendar for all of our live events. You will follow the learning sequence starting with an introductory video, self-assessment, training webinar and then concluding with downloadable tools and skill building activities. You should complete one Power Move before moving on to the next and you should follow the sequence. The cadence and sequence of each Power Move is designed to allow you to build cumulative knowledge as you master each specific leadership skill.

  • How much time will it take to complete the training for each Power Move?

    In terms of time management, you should expect to spend about 3-5 hours for each Power Move. Each Introduction video and self-assessment should take you between 30 & 60 minutes, the training session is about 1 hour and it should take you between 1 and 3 hours to complete the skill building activities. We also recommend you check in with the Own Your Power! community at least three times a week to ask for and offer advice and support.

  • What if I don’t agree with the results of a Power Move Self-Assessment?

    The Power Score! Quiz® that accompanies each Power Move is not pass/fail so there are no right or wrong answers. These assessments are designed to help you gain clarity on your authentic leadership style and give you a framework to think about where you want to be versus where you are today. Doing this work before the training starts provides a stronger context during the training and skill building activities. We are always open to feedback and periodically adjust our program based on the feedback we receive. If you have feedback on an assessment or anything related to the program we’d love to hear from you at

  • How long are the webinar sessions?

    Each webinar is approximately one hour long. They are all pre-recorded so you can participate in the webinar at any time that is convenient for you.

  • Do I have to complete the Power Moves in order?

    The recommended approach is to complete each Power Move in order from 1 – 5. Each Power Move builds upon knowledge learned in the previous ones, so it is recommended that you complete the Power Moves in order. That being said, you have full access to the program so you can go in a different order if you choose to.

  • What if I don’t finish all the Power Moves on time?

    The maximum amount of time our clients have taken to complete the program is about 30 hours which equates to less than an hour a week during the 6 month period. The reason this program is 100% self-paced is because our clients are busy and lead extremely full lives. We have enabled you to fit the program into whatever life throws at you. That being said, life does get in the way sometimes and the Own Your Power! team will serve as your Accountability Partner to keep an eye on your progress and make sure you stay on track.

  • What if I get stuck on a Power Move and need help?

    We are always here to help and so are your Virtual Masterclass teammates. The first place you should go for help is the Training Portal community. Post your questions or look to see if someone else has already raised the same questions. The Own Your Power! team monitors the chat boards on the training portal and are always ready to help. Additionally, you can submit your questions to be included during the bi-weekly group coaching sessions and Tammy will address them in the forum. Instructions on how to submit your questions for the live calls are included in the Welcome / Orientation module.

  • How do I get my questions answered?

    We are here to help you with anything you need. Please submit any questions or concerns to and we’ll get back with you as quickly as possible.

Live Sessions

  • What are the group coaching calls like and how do I register?

    Every other week Tammy will host a live call for 60 minutes. These calls are all about you. She will review and answer questions that have come in from the Virtual Masterclass members in an open forum. Then the call moves into an interactive group coaching topic that is complimentary to the program. A few days after you have registered, you will receive a calendar invitation to join the bi-weekly meeting series.

  • What is the Power Move!® session and how do I register?

    5 Power Up sessions are scheduled quarterly. Each 60 minute session is focused exclusively on one specific Power Move. The objective of these calls is to take a deep dive on a Power Move and work with the attendees to address current business challenges their facing relating to that topic. This is a great way to go deeper into the Power Move and to learn from your peers as you move through the process together. It is recommended that you attend you attend at least 1 Power Up session for each Power Move.

  • Why do I get to attend the live group coaching and Power Move!® sessions for 6 months?

    Our clients usually complete all 5 Power Moves in about 2 months. We know it takes practice to learn how to apply and master these new business skills. We are committed to your long term success and want to offer you as much support as you need on your leadership journey. You are invited and welcome to join every live group coaching and Power Move!® session for 6 months from the date you register.

  • What if I miss a live session?

    Attending these sessions live is recommended so you can have the best experience possible. Don’t worry if you miss one. All live sessions are recorded and uploaded on the Training Portal a few days after the live session has taken place so you can go back and listen to it when it’s convenient for you.

Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM Program

  • How does the Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM Program work?

    The Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM program is in addition to the Virtual Masterclass program and is designed to give you a deeper perspective on your leadership attributes. By completing a leadership assessment and receiving a 90 minute one on one debrief with Tammy you’ll gain new insights into who you are as a leader. As you move through the Virtual Masterclass and attend the live events, the three private coaching sessions are designed to help you go deeper into the areas that will have the greatest impact for you.

  • When should I take the leadership assessment and how do I get my results?

    For Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM members, it is recommended that you take the leadership assessment as early as you can (before Power Move #1 if possible). The learnings and key take-aways you’ll get from the exercise will make your training experience better. The day after you have registered for the Masterclass PREMIUM you will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up for the assessment. Once you’ve registered to take the assessment you’ll receive an email with a link and instructions on how to complete it. The assessment typically takes between 45 and 60 minutes. The results are sent to Tammy immediately. Once Tammy has reviewed the results, you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule your 90 minute Executive Session. Tammy will review your results with you during that session and help you build a tailored training / leadership development plan based on the results and your career goals.

  • When should I have my private coaching sessions and how do I get them scheduled?

    For Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM members you are eligible for three one- hour private coaching sessions. As stated above, we recommend you complete your Leadership Assessment Executive Session before Power Move #1 and then schedule your private coaching sessions at Power Move #3, Power Move #5, and 4 weeks after you complete the entire Virtual Masterclass. This is only a recommendation. These sessions can be scheduled at any time within a 9 month period starting from the date of registration. You will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to schedule your private coaching sessions.

Own Your Power VIP Program

  • How does the VIP Program work?

    The VIP program is in addition to the Virtual Masterclass and PREMIUM programs. This total immersion program will take place during a 2 day private workshop with Tammy. Before you begin the workshop, Tammy will walk you through the steps to prepare for a highly effective experience that is customized to meet your needs. We will help you focus and get clear on your strategy, obstacles and opportunities, leadership style, team and stakeholder dynamics, career path and whatever else you need to cover. Once your pre-work is complete, an agenda for the workshop will be finalized and the dates scheduled.

  • How is the workshop structured?

    The workshop can be scheduled in 2 full days or 4 half-day sessions. This is a roll up your sleeves and dig deep program so it’s important that you clear your schedule to completely focus during the workshop. The sessions are typically conducted virtually over video conference. If you prefer to meet face to face, we will make every effort to accommodate you based on schedules. An additional charge for travel and lodging will be added.

  • When should I schedule the workshop?

    It is recommended that you schedule the workshop once you’ve completed the Masterclass, leadership assessment and 3 coaching sessions. If you need to do this sooner it can be done at any time up to 12 months after you’ve registered for the program.

After the Program

  • How long can I access the training materials?

    You will have access to the training materials for 12 months and all live events (and the recorded playback) for 6 months starting from the date you registered for any of the Virtual Masterclass programs.

  • Can I upgrade to the Virtual Masterclass PREMIUM or VIP at a later time?

    Due to space limitations, it is recommended that you purchase the Masterclass PREMIUM OR VIP at the time of registration however if you would like to upgrade your program at any point in time during your Virtual Masterclass experience you may do so. Pricing and availability may vary. To upgrade your program please email and someone from the Own Your Power! team will get back with you to discuss the details.

  • How do I get a refund?

    Our programs create results that last. If you are not completely satisfied we offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. Just send us an email to within 30 days of registering for the program and we’ll refund your payment. It’s really that easy. No muss, no fuss and no hoops to jump through.