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✓  The #1 Secret to leading powerfully even though you're not an expert (and we'll show you how to make it work for you right away)

✓  5 Insider tips from C-level executives on how to turn what you don’t know into your greatest superpower (Lacking personal experience can actually help you make better decisions)

✓  My powerful “3 Strikes” test so you can tell if your leadership style is damaging your career and exactly what to do about it (People are counting on you to deliver big results, we’ll show you how to always deliver) 

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When you're not at the top of your game, all of a sudden you feel

✓  Worried you'll not survive the next reorg or downsizing

✓  Embarrassed at the idea of getting layered or moved to 'special projects'

✓  Concerned over how you can continue to support your lifestyle in the long term

✓  Frustrated because you've turned into all work and no play and it's taking a toll on you and those who love you

✓  Exhausted, cranky, not yourself, not present and always thinking about work

Let’s face it, you got to where you are today because YOU are an EXPERT! Your technical skills, intellect and ambition have gotten you to the point where you’re no longer the doer – you’re the decision maker.

Leading teams who do work you’ve never done personally in a male dominated environment is complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t throw away everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. We’ll show you how to get past this tipping point so you get back to being the high impact leader you know you can be!

Join the conversation and learn how to:
Stop relying on your own expertise to define your success
Start taking decisive action even when you don’t have all the answers
Continue delivering the high impact results you’re known for as you advance your career

Meet Tammy Alvarez

Hello and thanks for checking out Own Your Power!
Are you wondering if we’re a good fit for you? Excellent – me too!

If you’re smart as hell, ambitious, out of your comfort zone and know you need to lead differently to get the results you’re used to… then you’ve come to the right place! If you believe you can’t manifest your way to success and what you really need is to work with someone who will give it to you straight with no judgment while making sure you remain authentic… then our styles will mesh beautifully.

If you’re crazy busy and can’t manage to find a spare minute let alone hundreds of hours to improve your leadership skills… then this program is perfect for you!

I make one promise to every client – We will do everything it takes to help you become the leader people choose to follow so you can grow your career as far as your ambitions will take you.

Join me during one of our FREE live training sessions. I try and keep the group size small so you get enough personal attention to learn three really important skills, ask me as many questions as you want AND see if now is finally the time for you to put yourself first so you can propel that career you’ve worked so hard to build!

I can’t wait to meet you! 

My Obligatory BIO So You Know That I’m Not a Poser And
Can Trust That I Actually Know What I’m Talking About

Tammy Alvarez is a visionary who serves as a catalyst for leaders to create breakthrough performance for themselves and their businesses. Her unique approach blends decades of executive experience on Wall Street with expert coaching techniques to produce proven and quantifiable results for her clients. Her pragmatic coaching style helps business professionals at all levels become the leader people choose to follow.

She is a high energy inspirational trainer and epic story-teller who delivers transformational learning experiences for her global client base. Tammy’s unwavering commitment to advancing women in business compelled her to create Own Your Power! A comprehensive, skill-based leadership development program designed to strengthen and empower female leaders so they can grow their careers as far as their ambitions will take them. In 2019, Tammy brought Own Your Power! to Cornell University in an effort to help ambitious women strengthen their leadership skills as part of the Women in STEM Entrepreneurial Incubator Program.

During her 20 year corporate career Tammy became a renowned business transformation and turnaround expert. She held roles as a Managing Director at AIG, First Senior Vice President at Bank Leumi USA, Chief Operating Officer at Genesis10 and Senior Vice President at Bank of America. Each role relied upon Tammy’s vision and leadership to drive large global business transformation initiatives. She also serves as a guest lecturer for various leadership topics at Cornell University.
Tammy holds a Degree in International Business Administration from American Intercontinental University and serves her clients from her Stamford, CT headquarters and her satellite office in San Pedro, Belize.

Exemplifying the philosophy of work hard – play harder, Tammy is an avid scuba diver, traveler and adventurer. Her philanthropic contributions support the strengthening of women and children in both the United States and Belize.

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